When Is It Time To Take Down Christmas Decor?

With December 26th comes the most dreaded question of the holiday season: when do I have to take down all of my Christmas decor? 

Last year, a few news organizations took a survey asking viewers when they took down their Christmas tree and decorations, and the results were pretty varied. Some people wanted to get it over with while they were still off from work, so they took their tree down as soon as they could on the 26th. Others slowly took down their decorations throughout the next week. Around a third of those surveyed said they waited until New Year’s Day to take everything down. A few people waited until after the New Year, and a couple even said they keep their decor up throughout January. 

If you’re superstitious, January 5th is the best time to take down your Christmas decorations. According to old traditions from back when homes were decorated primarily with holly and other greenery, “The Twelfth Night” was the last day to keep up any decorations. The Twelfth Night is the last day of the Christmas “merriment,” or celebration, and if you kept up your greenery past January 5th, you would supposedly have bad luck throughout the year. 

At the end of the day, it’s really up to personal preference. A lot of families savor setting up the house for Christmas during the end of November and beginning of January, but a lot of people really hate having to take it all down and box it up for next year.


The good thing about a lot of modern Christmas decor is that it transitions extremely well into simply winter decor. Here are some simple steps to transitioning your home from Christmastime to Winter Wonderland: 

Take Down Your Tree, Stockings, and Santa Decor

The first step is taking down all of the strictly Christmas decor. Take the stockings down from the mantle, remove any Santa paintings or figurines, and take down your Christmas tree. 

For some people, this will be their only step! If you decorated for Christmas with shades of blue, silver, or even gold, you can keep the rest of your decor up! Just rearrange your living room back to the way you had it before your tree, and make sure to replace all the missing decor with more winter-themed items. Santa may be out of style in January, but reindeer and snowflakes are perfect throughout January. 

Transition Your Color Scheme

If you decked your home out in the traditional red and green this year, don’t worry! It’s still pretty easy to transition your decor into a neutral winter theme. Choose either red or green, and take down all the decor that has the other color in it. Then, go back and replace where you’re missing important decor with neutral colors like white, silver, beige, brown, or black depending on the color of your furniture and the theme of the rest of your decor. 

Less Is More 

A lot of people go all out with their Christmas decor, and that’s awesome. During the winter, though, your decor can be much more understated and simple. Your mantle doesn’t have to be filled with figurines. Some simple garland and a few candles works well for January and the first part of February. Don’t feel like you have to replace every single piece of Christmas decor you take down with something winter-themed. Simply rearrange your current decor to even out how everything looks. You’d be surprised how elegant a few key decor items can make your home! 

The holidays are one of our favorite times of the year! Our homes become a little extra special and filled with a little extra love. It’s natural to not want to throw all of that away on December 26th. 

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