Spills Happen. Stains Don’t Have To.

One of the main concerns when buying new furniture is, “How do I keep this furniture clean?” Worrying about kids or your favorite pet ruining your new sofa or sectional can be tiring and stressful when you’re supposed to be relaxed. 

With iClean™ by La-Z-Boy, there is no need to worry. All of our high-performance fabrics have a protective layer and innovative technology that surrounds each fiber, creating a barrier of protection that repels spills before they turn into stains. Each fiber is coated with a stain resistant repellent ensuring every fiber gets treated. You’re protected from dirt, wine, juice, mud, ketchup, magic marker, and much more. 

Not only does iClean™ protect from accidents, but it also feels good and looks good. Usually when people think of a coated fabric, they think it will be stiff or uncomfortable. That’s not the case with iClean™. The fabric offers a luxurious feel and exceptional comfort. It is available in 102 colors, patterns, and textures to make your furniture comfy, stylish, and most importantly CLEAN. iClean™ is available on most products and can match your style from classic to modern. The majority of messes can be cleaned up with a paper towel, but for extreme messes it can be cleaned with a teaspoon of detergent and 16oz of water. 

These fabrics come with a three year warranty for specific stains. And a one year warranty applies to nap loss, seam failure, and fabric separation.