New La-Z-Boy Line Wins "Good Design" Award

Good Design Award Screengrab .png

La-Z-Boy recently added a new award to their trophy shelf! The "Good Design" designation is awarded to innovative, cutting-edge industrial products for exceptional design and functionality. La-Z-Boy's new Duo line definitely checks off all of those boxes. 


Want to know more about this new line? Here are a couple key features: 

1. Combination Of Stationary Design and Full Reclining Capabilities

You’re basically getting both a recliner and stationary piece out of the same furniture. The Duo line looks and acts like your standard sectional, sofa, loveseat, or chair. It’s classic, it’s functional, and it’s versatile. However, the power reclining action transforms the Duo into a comfortable, relaxing recliner. You can kick your feet up after a long day without worrying about the look and space issues that come with a full-sized recliner. 

2. Comfort Core Cushions

If you’ve never tried out La-Z-Boy’s patented Comfort Core cushions, you’re missing the boat. They utilize different “zones” within the cushion to provide the right support and softness where it’s needed most. Softer padding at the front of the cushion reduces pressure on the back of your knees while the back provides firmer support to prevent sagging.To prevent sagging. Add in extra layers of support and softness for lasting comfort and durability, and you have the perfect couch cushion. 

3. Battery Pack Options

You might wonder why a rechargeable battery matters on a piece of furniture, but having a cordless option allows your powered furniture to be placed anywhere, including away from the wall. Open floor plans utilize free-standing furniture often, and the Duo line offers days of power reclining in just one charging session! 

4. Versatility

The most annoying part of traditional recliners is when you have to scoot it away from the wall to fully recline. That isn't an issue with the Duo! The unique power reclining system that moves both the cushions and the legs allow you to place it flush against the wall while keeping full reclining capabilities. The footrests even adjust to accommodate height differences, which is perfect for shorter kids or adults with knee support issues! 

5. Style Options

Does La-Z-Boy ever disappoint when it comes to style options? The Duo is no different! They have four base styles: the Luke, Makenna, Bennett, and Edie (the Edie is our current fav). With over 900 fabric/leather options, you know that you’ll find the perfect combination for your space. 

“For a couple designing the perfect room, there was always a compromise between style and function-- especially in small spaces.” -Paula Hoyas, VP of merchandising for La-Z-Boy 

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