Our In-Home Design Can Help Your Dream Become A Reality

When you’re redesigning the inside of your home, you might sometimes wish to yourself that you had the help of an interior designer. Sure, you have all these great ideas for how your room should look, but you might not have the professional know-how to properly execute it. That’s why working with a designer can be so helpful in these situations, because they work with you to execute your vision for your home. However, redesigning a home isn’t cheap, and adding a designer into the mix is just gonna be bigger numbers for you when you examine your budget.

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to pay for a designer. That cost can be completely removed. How? La-Z-Boy Comfort Studio offers FREE In-Home Design. We make our design service completely complimentary so you can focus on your creative vision for your dream home without having to worry about burning a hole in your wallet!

All you need to do is fill out a form on our site, and you’re done. That’s it! Then a designer comes to your home and works closely with you to get a detailed plan of all your ideas and will work hard to get your vision picture perfect. Our professional associates have a detailed knowledge of the entire La-Z-Boy catalog and will be able to help you pick out the perfect piece for any room. We consider all types of furniture, patterns, and fabrics to ensure that you get the closest recreation of whatever you can imagine. 

We believe in beautiful rooms. We really do, and we LOVE working together with customers to turn their dream into a reality. If you’re looking to breathe life into your home, check out our site and drop us a line! We can’t wait to team up with you to make your room into something marvelous.

Go ahead and fill out a form! We’ll get with you right away and start on designing your room!