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We know that designing a space can be tough. That's why we offer complimentary design services to all of our customers. Our professional team gets to know your style, personality, and home decor needs before walking you through the entire design process from start to finish. 

Be sure that what you're purchasing is exactly what you're looking for before you ever take it home with our visualization software that allows our design consultants to give you a digital mockup of what any furniture item will look like in your home. 

Want a few tips and tricks to get you started? Check out our FREE 2018 La-Z-Boy Comfort Studio Design Guide. 

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What's Inside: 

  • Our tried and tested 60-30-10 rule to help you get a beautiful, balanced layout. 
  • Why versatility is a must for those who want to stick to a certain budget. 
  • How to mix and match while still keeping a cohesive aesthetic throughout a space. 
  • And much more! 

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